It is cast iron and glass, Australian made and it turns something we like,

into something we like even more.


It is a butter churn. It is Australian made about circa 1930.

A butter churn is a device used to convert  cream  into butter.

This item, kindly donated to our museum by a family who once had a dairy farm at Bald Hills, is on display in our museum and it has been restored by one of our long time volunteers, Barry Smith.

The Kangaroo Butter Churn was patented and manufactured by Mr. H.H. Hinds of Sydney.

The “Kangaroo”, an Australian invention and production, is so named because when used has a particular jumping motion.This model, made entirely of steel, is based on the principle of centrifugal force and simple and easy to operate.

In 1938 this little machine is advertised as ‘making perfect butter within a minute in any climate”. At this time the cost to purchase this butter churn was three pounds five shillings.