About Us

The Society is a non-profit organisation whose purpose is to safeguard the community’s history. These memories are made up of photographs, written histories, stories and an eclectic collection of objects.

In 1983 the Sandgate and District Historical Society was formed by interested residents wanting  to preserve the history of the Sandgate District.

The Society purchased the building at 150 Rainbow Street Sandgate in 1993, which it still occupies.  The name was then changed to Sandgate and District Historical Society and Museum Inc.

The goal of the Society is to continually grow our collections and extend our research while at the same time promote interest within our community.

The historical museum holds researched information on topics ranging from churches to sporting groups, from local identities to businesses, houses, entrepreneurs, colourful rogues, cinemas and theatrical groups.

We conserve and display our collections for the purposes of study, education and enjoyment.